Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas

I like photographing anything, whether it is stationery or moves, has a pulse or doesn’t, if it’s worth photographing, then I will take the photo. However if pushed into what genre of photography really gets the pulse racing, it’s probably photographing people at close quarters. Portraits seems to be a particular area where this photographer excels and also candid as in candid moments, especially women. Most of the photos that are taken here are not staged, but nano second moments either in a scrum with other photographers or in a scrum with screaming fans.

Those fleeting moments that exist for a nano second  never to be seen again, I think personally that is what the camera was designed to capture and it is an art form in itself to capture those moments. From the man or woman on the street  to the world of celebrity, it’s the portrait and candid genre that does it for me, with close ups also being of particular interest with an immediacy that draws you in to the photo seeing people at close quarters like they have never been seen before.

Trying to catch the very essence of a person, what they are all about at close quarters is a challenge. No one person is the same and trying to capture that persons personality and quirks and isms in a single picture that really says what they are all about, when you don’t even know  them, is the very essence of portrait photography. Exposure, lighting, composition, angle, timing and that certain something and the all important connection combined with many  other factors got to make up a succesful portrait study. When all those factors come together it can make for an electric image that has lifelike qualities. These sort of photos simply leap out at you and make a statement that cannot be ignored.

Celebrity Photography was performed on a professional basis for 3 years photographing the stars at events such as Awards Ceremonies, Film Premieres, Radio and TV Arrivals and Departures and general day to day lifestyle shots of celebrities all taken in and around London with portraiture being a speciality along with the standard full length shots as required by the media. The whole celebrity spectrum was photographed from A Listers right through to the new and upcoming stars that could be the possible A Listers of the future. This has led to an extensive portfolio of which some of the highlights are displayed on this website.

Fashion is another area that has been covered with “Street Style” being a particular fascination for about a year, focusing on the trendy areas of London catching the latest trends primarily focused on women’s fashion with a number of attendances at London Fashion Week over the years. The look was the non posed fly on the wall style shots as if I wasn’t even there. Posed shots were mainly taken at the arrivals of Fashion events such as LFW.

Archive Photos of Celebrities and Fashion are available to view on this website and are available for licencing. Use the contact form for further details.

Photography is a passion of mine which I have left and returned, left and returned many times but recent photographic endeavours have pulled me back in a more relaxed amateur capacity. The glamorous world of Celebrity and Entertainment and Fashion and the associated bulky DSLR with huge lenses and flash to match, has all been ditched (although I still have the camera) for the more relaxed take your time and no deadline world of amateur photography.

I am now currently experimenting with much smaller and lighter Micro 4/3 and Mirrorless cameras combined and adapted with Vintage Prime Lenses which it has to be said is producing some interesting results. Vintage Lenses have such a look and feel and build quality that the modern lenses just can’t seem to match, when combined with modern day technology they can produce some stunning results with a truly unique character…….. in the right hands.

These are the areas that I am experimenting with now and into the future covering Macro, Street, Urban and Nature with maybe portraits and some arty Black and White photography thrown into the mix. Video is another venture also on the drawing board using the latest technology combined with the retro look from Vintage lenses.

If this style of photography that will be appearing on this website/blog is of interest to you, I suggest you hop on for the ride and watch this website for further developments. It could be interesting!